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Cathartes Investments was a private real estate investment and development firm that existed for 10 years between 1992 and 2002. Cathartes specialized in acquiring and developing commercial, industrial and multi-family residential properties, with a special focus on adaptive re-use of underperforming assets. Cathartes invested over $400 million in total capital, and delivered superior risk-adjusted rates of return to its investors. Cathartes’ business strategy consisted of three key components: (1) Cathartes was an active trader, which gave Cathartes the ability to deliver high yields to its investors over three-year investment horizons, (2) Cathartes primarily sourced its capital from institutions, and (3) Cathartes outsourced many of its activities and focused its efforts on creating a competitive advantage by locating underperforming assets and creating value quickly by re-positioning these assets..


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